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Kids vs. Work
December 1, 2018
My life - like all of yours -- is BUSY. I would love to say it is because of this time of year - getting ready fo the holidays, or hockey, or other commitments - but really it has been busy...
September – Busy, Inconsistent, Chaos…Hockey
September – Busy, Inconsistent, Chaos…Hockey
October 13, 2018
Over the last couple of years the month of September has been notoriously and consistently insanely busy -- with a dash of organized chaos.  All of which surrounds my kids and their back to
Updates: Structure and Balance
Updates: Structure and Balance
August 21, 2018
Good Morning NEW and Current Readers - First Off I must apologize to ME about not being so active in the blogging and journaling department.  I know I have been slacking - and I have been t

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